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Pay Per Click (PPC) Management

Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC)

Get found by PEOPLE ON GOOGLE when they're searching for the things that you offer
  • Thorough keyword research
  • Very specific targeting
  • Granular ad groups with different ad copies, landing pages, keyword match types
  • Recommendations about Landing Pages
  • Continuous performance monitoring
  • Regular Bid management
  • Conversion Optimization
Video Advertising
Promoting your videos on Youtube and other display networks is an excellent way to extend the reach of your campaign, making sure as many potential customers see this as possible. It’s also a very cost-effective way of advertising, as you only pay when users view your ads.
PPC Remarketing
Re-marketing lets you show ads to people who have visited your website or used your mobile app before. When people leave your website without buying anything, re-marketing helps you reconnect with them by showing relevant ads as they browse the web, as they use mobile apps, or as they search on Google.
Social Advertising
Leverage your social media for more loyalty, more recognition and more clients! We know how to increase engagement, optimize spends& drive more leads with better audience targeting on all popular social platforms.
Display Advertising
With display advertising you can attract new customers with eye-catching visual ads. Display advertising is similar to pay per click advertising except that instead of a text-based ad, a visual 'banner' ad is displayed.
PPC Management Provided
Social Advertising Projects
Successful PPC Remarketings
Successful PPC Remarketings

Proven PPC Services: Turn Clicks into Conversions!!

If you are looking for quick solutions for the growth of your business and staying ahead with your competitor then Google AdWords is the solution. Here you can only pay if someone visits your web page.

Naksh Technologies is a trusted PPC Agency in Pune with more than a decade in the digital services domain, We use a unique blend of proven and contemporary strategies to get more customers through the door. We understand the importance of being #1 in a competitive space.

If you are looking for quick solutions for the growth of your business and staying ahead with your competitor then Google AdWords is the solution. Here you can only pay if someone visits your web page.

PPC is useful, but if you do not optimize your campaign, if you do not experiment with landing pages, if you are not able to reduce the cost you might end up spending a lot without getting any significant return. That’s where we can help you.

Our PPC team is headed by a Google Certified Professional. The team members keep contributing to different communities and keep improving their knowledge. We read books, follow industry leaders, visit top PPC blogs and then come up with the right strategy. We take a step by step approach to reduce the cost per acquisition or cost per lead (CPA) in order to bring our clients highest possible return.

Cost of PPC Service

There are two parts of it. You have to pay the media budget – the amount that is payable to Google, Bing or other platforms you are using. And there will be our consultancy fee. The media budget depends on many factors – how competitive the keywords are, your target market, total number of keywords you are targeting, you are opearting in B2B or B2C sector, how aggressively your competitors are promoting their business through PPC etc. Get in touch with us so that we can review your business, the niche and give you a budget estimate to start with.

Initial budget might be high as the first few months are to establish reputation. Once we optimize the campaign, the costing will come down.


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